Report to Governors:     Focus: PE 2013-14    

New Government changes in Physical Education.
The Government have set aside £450million to Head Teachers to improve Physical Education and sport in primary schools spanning across three years (2013-2016).

With the money we were given, (£8000 and £5 for each child) options on how to spend the funds, included: hiring in specialist pe teachers to work with pupils and to support staff; support the least active children by running after school clubs and providing holiday clubs; provide training courses for staff; run sport competitions/ raise participation in school games and run sports activities with other schools.

Details of how we are spending our money were published on our website and further details below will outline what impact the funds have had on our pupils.

How we spent the money:
Part 1:

Increase in enjoyment, attainment and participation in gymnastics. A gymnastic specialist has been working with years 1-6 providing curriculum based lessons and higher level gymnastics lunch time clubs. On top of all other gymnastics the specialist has been working one day a week for the whole year.

Impact has been very positive. Top ten finish for children in KS1 (in their competition) and a runners up position for KS2 (our best ever result in gym). There has also been an increase in children participating in high quality lessons.

Part two:
Another aim was to raise the fitness levels of KS2 pupils. Mr Fidel put together a series of tasks to assess progress between two terms. The children's balance, body weight and running ability (stamina) were all included.

Over view of progress made in years 5 and 6:

U1- 94% boys made progress.
       100% girls made progress.

U2- 93% boys made progress.
       94% girls made progress.

U3- 89% boys made progress.
       100% girls made progress.

U4- 90% boys made progress.
       100% girls made progress.

Impact of fitness challenge: children enjoyed competing 'against themselves' and trying to improve their last score. The vast majority of pupils improved and enjoyed the sessions in between (to try and improve). These sessions involved preparing for sports day in athletics, cricket sessions and circuit training.

Achievements this year:


·         Hockey: Winners

·         Tag rugby: Winners

·         Tennis: Winners
(All teams went on to represent the borough in the London Youth Games)

·         Handball: Winners.

·         Football: Runners up (Emma's cup still to play)

·         Gymnastics: Runners up.

·         Athletics: Indoor: 4th / Outdoor 6th

·         Swimming: 4th

·         Basketball: 4th

·         Netball: 5th

·         Multi-skills: taking part.

·         Boccia: taking part.

·         Foundation sports day.

·         Lower school sports day.

·         Middle/ upper school sports day.

Other successes:
Rise in participation of children attending clubs ( especially lunch time clubs- including netball, cricket, gymnastics and Zumba)

New clubs introduced: American football, Zumba and teacher/ pupil fitness club.

Successful visit from Olympic athlete.

Successful observations of teaching and team teaching opportunities met.

Areas for development:
Dance. Develop the quality of teaching, the element of competition and the general enjoyment of the subject.

Netball: To raise the profile of the sport in Upper/Middle school even further by having more friendly matches against other local schools.

To raise the element of competition in KS1/KS2 by introducing more intra 'house events' every term.